Don't Pay for Someone Else's Negligence

Don't Pay for Someone Else's Negligence

Retain a personal injury attorney in San Diego, CA to fight for you

The Law Offices of Sondra S. Sutherland, APC is dedicated to protecting the rights of injury victims in San Diego, CA and surrounding areas, including Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles counties. I'm Sondra Sutherland, Esq., a personal injury attorney with decades of legal experience.

I practice personal injury law with a focus on premises liability. That means as your slip-and-fall attorney, I can represent you if you were injured on someone else's property.

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How were you injured?

Here's how someone's negligence can lead to accidents...

On someone else's property: Landowner's failure to maintain safe conditions on surrounding public streets or sidewalks or use reasonable care to protect patrons and guests from a person's harmful conduct | Landlord's failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent injury in unsafe areas | Dangerous conditions on public property or property used for recreation
On highways or roadways: Driver's failure to use reasonable care, drive at a reasonable speed or yield to the right of way | Driver's negligence in operating another owner's vehicle | Driving under the influence | Passenger's failure to use reasonable care or wear a seat belt
On public transportation: Common carrier's failure to carry passengers or property safely | Passenger's failure to reasonably care for their own safety | Common carrier or passenger's failure to prevent an attack by a passenger
At railroad crossings: Railroad company's failure to use reasonable care or post warning signals | Operator's failure to control the train's speed | Driver's failure to approach railroad crossings with care

As your auto accident or slip-and-fall attorney, I'll help you hold the at-fault party accountable and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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