Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

I have worked on a wide variety of civil cases since I was a litigation secretary (1980 to 1988) and paralegal (1988 to 1996). I've continued handling these cases as an attorney, including the Federal Civil Rights action that led to a $6.6+-million judgment (nearly $10 million once the appeals were exhausted in 2011, and appellate fees and interest added).

I am a passionate litigator and will zealously pursue a worthy cause. I look for cases that are warranted by the facts and law - and that make economic sense to pursue.

My civil litigation practice includes:

If you think your factual situation may fall within one or more of these potential claims, then you should contact us to learn more. You should act diligently to learn and comply with the "statute of limitations" (time deadline) in which to file your action. Other pre-filing claims or steps may be required, depending on the kind of action you are bringing. You need to act quickly and not delay in contacting a lawyer.

Family Law

I have been handling family law since 1997. I have extensive experience helping parties through a very difficult time in their lives. You need an attorney to fight aggressively for you and your family's rights as well as provide support through the hard times.

Appeals & Writs

I have 16 years appellate experience in Los Angeles and San Diego, California. I file and respond to appeals and petitions for writ (mandate, supersedeas, habeas corpus) in the California Appellate Courts.